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Bay Area Empowerment Photography

I can't believe it was 5 years ago, when I started offering a very special photography product; my empowerment sessions! This blog seemed like the best way to explain how and why I started to offer these customized sessions. :)

It all started by chance! (Or who knows, maybe it was fate). Back in December 2015 I was living in a small cottage in Fontana, Wisconsin. I had decided to get a roommate! What a blessing it was, to end up having another creative entrepreneur around!

In the midst of running my wedding photography business, she asked me one day if I would photograph an Alice in Wonderland shoot for her. She had been dreaming this up (and collecting props!). This would be something fun! Something bizarre, out of the box, and with no rules. A photoshoot with no "shot list" and no "must have photos". Just going with the flow and following ideas as they manifest. Of course I was thrilled about this creative outlet and collaboration of ideas. Next thing I know, she had staged the attic of the house for this Alice in Wonderland photoshoot! She wanted to be three different versions of "Alice"....

1. Alice as an innocent child getting lost in books of adventure...young and imaginative.

2. Alice in a confusing transition...deep into the chaos of wonderland.

3. Alice becomes a bold, empowered, new version of herself!

In my opinion, the best thing that came from this experience was the fact that afterwards, she felt beautiful, free, and empowered. And I thought, why shouldn't other women be given the chance to feel this way!? There are so many of us who don't truly feel beautiful. Who have negative self perception, or past trauma. Whose confidence and self-love has been stripped away. My goal with each empowerment session is to create the best photo of yourself you've ever seen so that you can start to see yourself in a new light! Believe in your worth, gain freedom from past trauma, and become empowered to meet your goals! My intention, is get more out of it than just some pretty pictures.

I am excited to give this gift to the Bay Area. Your Bay Area Empowerment Session can be whatever you want, or need it to be. I have had client's who were willing to jump in a lake, pose in the mud, trash the dress, and even use paint! Your shoot could be elaborate, or very simple. The important thing, is that we have fun!!

Want more info? Please email me at

Now scheduling empowerment sessions in the Bay Area! Although I am a photographer based out of Mountain View, I am available to travel through the bay area. Hit me up!

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