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Bay Area Newborn Photography- Twins!! Emilio & Thomas

"A photo is worth a thousand words." Thank goodness for that, since it's so hard to find the perfect words to describe the absolute cuteness of this bay area twin photoshoot! The tiny hands, the tiny feet, the tiny eye lashes, the smiles and smirks that last only a mili-second. You wouldn't want to blink or you might miss something ridiculously cute! Have a look at these teaser photos from this twin photoshoot and see what I mean!

I must say, I feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity to photograph Emilio & Thomas at only two weeks of age! I have done many newborn photoshoots over the years, but this was my first TWIN session! So, you can't imagine my excitement! (It's also hard to describe the incredible amount of hard work it takes to photograph twins, but to explain that would take a whole different blog post...ha ha). Nonetheless, when you think about the precious miracle of new life, how incredible memories are, and the blessing of having a beautiful family, it's always worth it.

This Mountain View Newborn Twin Photoshoot took place in my home studio. However, I am available to travel for photoshoots as well! Feel free to ask about newborn & family photoshoots, engagements & weddings, or personal branding photos to showcase your business image. I specialize in empowerment imagery, and am always thrilled to come up with something unique for you. Let me know what you have in mind! I'm so thrilled to be serving as a bay area photographer and I look forward to capturing the beauty of life and your family memories.

Just keep clicking!


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