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Bay area branding photography, why invest?

It's no secret that branding is important for every business, big or small. In this blog, I want to talk a little bit about why investing in branding photography is a vital part of your bay area business plan!

What's your story? Do your client's know how it all started? Do they see the passion behind the person, and where your inspiration comes from? Branding photography shares your unique story through tailored images in order to create a connection with potential clients. Let your viewers get a deeper perspective of who you are through these images. They want to know! :)

Have you ever seen a baby photo that gave you all the feels? How about a cat photo that made you smile?? (Are you smiling just THINKING about a cat photo??) My point is, a strong image can speak volumes and evoke an emotion! Branding photography is a powerful way to speak to your audience by not only marketing YOU but also, by evoking emotions. Simply, let the camera see who you truly are, and the amazing product you have to offer. The people who you are meant to work with will be drawn to you. :)

What do you stand for? What do you believe? Branding photography allows you to connect your core values to your potential customers. Do you take pride in your customer service? Are you innovative, adventurous, or compassionate? What is your super power? I am excited at the thought of showcasing your unique business through my lens!

Branding can be defined as the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design. Let me take care of the distinctive design, and you can rest assured that you'll have plenty of content to use for your advertising. After the shoot you'll have a variety of images to use on social media, LinkedIn, your website, blog, or printed marketing materials.

I have pulled a few sample photos, of my recent branding photoshoot for St. Stephen Church & School in Mountain View, California. Since then, St Stephen has used these images on their Facebook page, website, postcards, and trifold brochures! Check out a few favorite images below:

I suggest scheduling quarterly branding photoshoots. This way you'll have a fresh, consistent online presence to stay at the front of potential client's minds.

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