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Empowerment Session, Beach Photoshoot

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

I can barely believe this is my 4th photoshoot with Sara! She trusted me to photograph her first empowerment session back in 2016. Since then, she has done 3 empowerment sessions and a pin up girl photoshoot!

These are my favorite 11 shots of our recent session. She wanted a "wow factor" and I hope that's what she got!!

Sara scheduled this Wisconsin shoot during my recent summer trip to Wisconsin to visit my family. If you would like to reserve a photoshoot with me, for the next time I visit Wisconsin, please email me at to be put on my Wisconsin shoot list. I LOVE these type of sessions. It's my passion and my gift to you, to show beauty through my art!

Are you new to my work and wondering, what is an empowerment session anyways?? Well, about 6 years into being a professional photographer, I started a project called "The Raw Project", which I designed to empower women! (I continue to offer these session to those who ask). My intention with empowerment sessions is threefold. 1. To show women their true beauty, 2. Gain freedom from past trauma or self doubt, 3. Become empowered as a new self, full confidence and self love! I have a goal for my clients to get more out of it than "just some pretty pictures."

You may be thinking....but I'm not a model! Don't worry, these sessions are not just for "models", they can be for anyone who could benefit. It doesn't matter what size, what skin color, religious back-round, or experience. No matter if there's a past of abuse, neglect, abandonment, deceit, or betrayal. Each session is different. It can be a source of healing, or simply provide a confidence boost! Above all, these sessions are TONS of fun, providing lots of room for creativity. I love to collaborate on ideas so feel free to reach out.

I am currently taking photoshoots within 35 miles of Mountain View California. Considering COVID19, social distancing will be practiced during photoshoots.

Email to set up your safe distance shoot.)

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