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Rebranding from WSI to Image By Jewels

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

I am so excited to announce that I am rebranding!

You might be wondering why rebrand?

The short answer is...I moved!! Not just down the street, but all the way across the country from Wisconsin, to Mountain View, California! Now that I am settled into a new location, it's a great time to re-invent my photography business identity.

The long winded answer is.....I didn't grow up dreaming of being a photographer. Maybe it's surprising to find out, that it wasn't on my radar?! I was totally happy being miserable at my 9-5 job. ;) But looking back, whether it was a disposable camera or a cheap point and shoot, I was always documenting life (I've got boxes and boxes of photo albums in the garage to prove it!) I was asking my friends to model before I even knew that I was a photographer (or any good at it for that matter!). Later on, I was asked by a local photographer to assist photographing at a wedding. "You have an eye for it", I was told. I replied with something like, "I don't know about that..but okay, sounds fun." One wedding turned into many weddings. Assistant photographer turned into second photographer. Working for one wedding photography company, turned into getting contract work from many different photography companies. These experiences, between 2009-2010, built my skills and confidence to start accepting my own clients, as WhiteSand Images. As WhiteSand Images bloomed into a well established wedding photography company, I was able to quit my 9-5. This is how it felt:

Feel free to see more details about my professional journey on my Linkedin page-->

As years went on, as the owner and lead photographer for WhiteSand Images, I discovered I had a gift for photographing women. On wedding days, I found myself most excited about taking bridal portraits. There's something about capturing the beauty of a bride, and showing her a glimpse of the camera preview. Hearing her say, "Wow, that's me!? How did you do that?" became music to my ears. Each shoot I aimed to make my portraits better and better. I upgraded my gear and practiced finding the perfect angles.

Many of my brides started to ask me to do bridal boudoir sessions, so it became a popular add on to my wedding packages. These sessions, being slower and more relaxed, allow more time for creativity to manifest. I really love having the time to create a pose, find the right angle, and capture the most flattering shot. I'm so excited to offer these sessions as a Bay Area photographer!

In January 2016, I was inspired to take this special skill to the next level. So I started a personal photo project called "Raw Project Photography". I offered custom designed photoshoots to female victims (some who had gone through verbal, physical or sexual abuse). My purpose was threefold; 1. Show women they are beautiful through my lens, 2. Gain freedom from past abuse or trauma, 3. Empower women into new versions of themselves, full of self-worth and confidence. My unique empowerment sessions encouraged letting go of resentment and anger towards an abuser. I cannot describe the deep satisfaction that I gained from this experience. It wasn't uncommon for me to tear up while reading reviews, knowing that I had truly helped someone see themselves in a new light.

My Raw Project

Rebranding allows me to combine my Raw Project, and WhiteSand Images into one. Re-directing my focus, and my brand, towards Bay Area empowerment. However, I am available for all types of portrait sessions, such as newborn photography, family sessions, and high school seniors. Bay Area brides, don't be afraid to ask if I have your wedding date available, especially if you are a referral from a past bride, family or friend! I also help out Silicon Valley companies with their brand story through Bay Area branding photography. Let me know how I can help you, and what you have in mind! Looking forward to using my gifts to serve you as a Bay Area Photographer.

Just keep clicking,


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